Made from 100% ”skin-neutral” medical silicone in SILICATIVE ™ technology.

  • Perfectly adapts to the feet shape.
  • Protects halluxes
  • Provides an even distribution of forces which are responsible for curling up of the little toe
  • Prevents chafing caused by footwear
  • Amortises side impacts, provides protection against micro-injuries

The pad is worn on the the small toe and as a result the toe always remains it the correct position.
Thanks to the 100% medical silicone pad does not cause allergies, it is flexible and guarantees comfort of use. Odourless

Dzięki zastosowaniu 100% silikonu medycznego osłona nie powoduje uczuleń, jednocześnie jest elastyczna gwarantując komfort użytkowania. Bezzapachowa.