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As a renowned Polish manufacturer of medical devices, ARmedical® offers high-quality orthopaedic and rehabilitation equipment, as well as assistive devices. Our products are distinguished by their superior modern design, functionality and safety, and above all by meeting the needs and expectations of even the most demanding clients. Our expertise enables us to make the highest-quality products and guarantees professional and reliable service. Thanks to our broad and diverse offer, competitive pricing, products characterised by the highest quality and professional service, we have the trust of more than 1500 medical shops throughout the country. Our Polish partners can enjoy service at the highest level, support of regional sales representatives, as well as 24-hour lead times.

In addition, our offer was also met with praise on many international markets, including in the United Kingdom, Czechia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, and Bulgaria. We are continuously establishing new partnerships with international distributors, making sure that our products are available on local markets. 

The focus on our clients, as well as their needs and expectations constitute the foundation of our business and shape the scope and directions of our development. Due to our client-centric approach, we continuously and successively expand our offer by introducing new innovative products and ensuring their excellent quality.

ARmedical is the sole distributor of world-famous and renowned SPECIAL PROTECTORS orthopaedic products.

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awards and distinctions

The quality of our products has been distinguished by consumers throughout Poland, as evidenced by third time gold medal of distinction of customers Customer Laurel 2022 and seven years consecutive the Consumer Quality Leader gold medals we received. Independent surveys confirmed that our brand is one of the most valued, recognised and renowned in Poland. Our company has also won five Good Brand – Quality, Trust, Reputation gold medals, which gave us the extra motivation we needed to ensure that the quality of our products remains at the constant, very high level, ensuring customer satisfaction.


In order to meet these expectations, we have implemented Quality Management Systems based on EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016 (Medical Devices – Quality Management System) standards. Every aspect of our activities is subject to rigorous procedures. The implemented ISO systems encompass production, distribution and storage of all products in our offer. The robustness of all implemented processes is confirmed by certificates issued by an independent accredited body.

We also ensured the uniqueness of the ARmedical brand by applying for legal and patent protection in many countries.