Rollator is an assistive and rehabilitation medical device for disabled people with musculoskeletal system disorder, with verticalisation problems or having difficulties maintaining balance while walking. It is also used to maintain balance while learning to walk after a serious illness or injury. This model is intended for people who require extremely stable support and belaying while walking, with limited force in the upper limbs, with a weakened grip force, especially for the elderly. Special support for the elbows and the way the handles are held guarantee extraordinary stability and relieve the strain on the lower limbs by leaning the torso on the forearms.

Thanks to the use of two pairs of handles with any configuration of their height, it guarantees comfortable use and perfect adjustment to the user’s preferences. The bottom handles allow for walking as with a standard support, they also make it easier to get up from the seat. The upper handles ensure stability and balance when moving, even in the case of major problems with standing upright. Brakes with a parking system ensure stability when sitting down. The support is equipped with a seat with a backrest (with smooth height adjustment) that allows you to rest during long walks and is exceptionaly practical, roomy shopping bag and a crutch and cane holder.