The Basin is intended for washing hair of disabled, seniors and people who stay permanently in supine position or for people with disabilities for whom traditional bathing in the shower or bathtub is not possible due to health condition. It’s a great help for caregivers ensuring proper hygiene of lying patients. It allows washing hair directly from the bed. Thanks to its equipment with a shower head, a water bag, a drain hose, the care of the patient is much easier. The special cut-out for a neck makes it easier to lean against of a disabled person and prevents against splashing water on pillow, bedding or bed.

  • Helps maintain proper head hygiene
  • Improves the comfort of a lying person
  • Reduces the discomfort associated with washing the patient’s head
  • Aid for caregiver of disabled person

Product properties:

The special shape of the inflatable basin with the neck cut-out provides extraordinary comfort of use. The cut-out makes it easier to rest the head of the disabled person and prevents from splashing water on bedding or bed.

Equipped water tank and a shower head ( with a button ) makes it much easier to rinse the shampoo off the hair. The basin has a valve and a drainage pipe, thanks to which the water can be easily released, e.g. into a bucket or a container. Appropriate application of the sealing technology makes the basin extremely durable – it will not become unsealed. The set includes a pump that allows you to quickly and easily inflate the basin.