Made from an innovative, ultra-light, breathable foam covered from both sides with skin-friendly delicate fabric. The material features high sweat absorption and efficient moisture wicking.

  • Provides excellent stability and postoperative immobilisation of the shoulder joint
  • Recommended for injuries of the shoulder girdle in order to provide a relief or immobilisation
  • Used for injured clavicle, shoulder and fractures around the shoulder girdle, upper humerus fractures without displacement, dislocations and sprains of shoulder joint and elbow joint
  • Used in the after-care process of inflammatory and degenerative diseases, as well as, injuries of shoulder joint and in the after-care process of rotator cuff damage (subacromial impingement)

Thanks to the unique design it is possible to easily and accurately adjust the immobiliser to the patient’s body. Thanks to the velcro fastening, it allows to accurately adjust the position of the secured limb.

ONE-SIZE for right or left shoulder