Made from an innovative fabric with patented MultiCeramic technology. Antibacterial and hypoallergenic fabric with increased absorption and moisture wicking.

  • Guarantees perfect correction of posture defects for adults and children
  • Foam padded shoulder straps guarantee lack of pressure at the place of their adherence
  • Highly recommended for posture correction and for the thoracic spine pain

By using VELCRO tapes at the front, the user is able to fix the brace without any assistance.

Thanks to the innovative Multiceramic technology, the belt causes a thermal effect that guarantees a marked increase in body temperature which helps to create a natural healing process. The heat generated leads to an increase in blood circulation, healing process and soothes pain.

Far Infrared Rays technology also has an ability to boost absorption of the moisture formed on the skin. The appropriate fabric composition with an enhanced strength wicks moisture away.The integrated innovative technologies provide us with an antibacterial function. As a result of the material testing, the fabric was classified as antibacterial, not causing skin irritation and especially recommended for people with a sensitive and prone to allergies skin.