The toilet chair is designed for disabled people from diseases of the motor organs, for the elderly and for people who have problems using the standard toilet bowl. Facilitates and assists during daily toilet routine. It allows you to handle your physiological needs without having to get up from the chair.

As a shower chair is dedicated to people for whom the standard use of a bathtub or shower enclosure is a problem. Facilitates and helps during everyday toilet activities, for example, at the sink, in the tub or shower. Thanks to the use of waterproof and washable material, keeping the chair in a good hygienic condition is not a problem.

The huge advantage of the chair is the folding option, which ensures easy storage after completing toilet operations. Thanks to the dual function, there is no need to have two
separate independent chairs, toilet and shower, which saves space especially in small apartments.

Thanks to the retractable sanitary container and an additional lid, it is possible to empty the container easily and restore it to the proper hygienic condition without moving the entire chair.