Heel pads are intended for use with Walker Pro and Walker Basic orthopedic walking boots. Primarily used in the treatment and rehabilitation of Achilles tendon injuries and dysfunction. They allow you to raise the heel as well as give the possibility of equine foot positioning, preventing from its rotation. By reducing the number of heel pads in the orthosis ,it allows you to gradually stretch the Achilles tendon. 

The use of a set consisting of five independent heel pads allows an individual adjustment of the height of the heel lift – adequately to the specialist’s recommendations. Thanks to the use of appropriately soft EVA foam, covered with a soft and pleasant to the touch fabric, they ensure comfort of use.

RIGHT or LEFT. Heel pads 1,2,3 for the sizes of XS-M orthopedic boots.

Catalog number AR-600L – left heel pads (5 pcs. in the set)

Catalog number AR-600P – right heel pads (5 pcs. in the set)