It is designed to correct posture defects and strengthen the back muscles. It relieves the lumbosacral spine while sitting and forces you to sit in the correct position, stimulates the micro-movements of the intervertebral discs. It corrects improper posture while sitting, thanks to which it reduces pain, especially in the sacral spine, caused by prolonged sitting in an incorrect position. It is perfect for post-traumatic rehabilitation – when performing balance exercises, motor coordination training and exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. Thanks to the use of a unique elastic foam, it gives a feeling of comfort while maintaining its therapeutic properties.

The cushion has a dual-purpose application, thanks to the profiles (channels) in the upper part and the central opening, it is also used as an anti-bedsore circle. Placed under the calf / foot, it prevents the formation of pressure ulcers on the heel.


  • Special channels in the upper part and the opening guarantee body ventilation
  • Reduces the effect numbness by increasing blood flow in the legs
  • Helps to relieve back pain caused by prolonged sitting, for example, while seated in a wheelchair or chair
  • Corrects improper posture when sitting
  • The use of a unique elastic-elastic foam provides a feeling of comfort while maintaining its therapeutic properties

 Recommended for:

  • sitting in the correct position
  • correcting posture defects
  • reduction of tension while sitting and strengthening the back muscles
  • relieving the lumbar spine while sitting
  • reduce low back pain and the numbness effect