Made from an innovative thermoforming foam with a shape ”memory” effect. Thanks to that the pillow perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of the body providing excellent support for the neck.

Thanks to the ergonomic profiling guarantees proper head and neck support while travelling. Relieves headache, spinal, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points. Innovative foam prevents the growth of microorganisms, allergens and absorption of dust particles. Super-soft velour pillowcase comes with a zipper which allows to keep the pillow in good hygienic condition.

Used for:

  • overload conditions of the cervical spine
  • instability of the cervical spine
  • degenerative spine disease
  • long trip by car, train or plane

Pillow comes with two covers, inner and outer. Inner cover provides additional protection of the foam. Outer cover is zippered and made from super-soft velour. This allows washing of the pillow at the same time preserving its aesthetic appearance.