Made from an innovative thermoforming foam with a shape ”memory” effect. This allows the pillow to memorise a shape of the head and as a result lower the pressure on the body keeping proper blood circulation.

Anatomically shaped cushion adapts perfectly to the shape of the patient’s body whether the patient is sleeping on his/her side or on the back. The head almost submerges in the pillow’s foam, thereby increasing the contact surface of the body/head with the surface as a result reducing pressure force.

Highly recommended in the case of:

  • spine pain
  • shoulder pain
  • hand numbness
  • snoring
  • insomnia
  • nervous tensions

Pillow has a super soft, innovative micro-fibre pillowslip (zippered) which allows washing of the pillow at the same time preserving its aesthetic appearance.


  • Provides optimal alignment of the cervical vertebrae during sleep
  • Thanks to the ergonomic profiling, pillow corrects the position of the spine during sleep through the support of the head, neck and shoulders
  • Relieves spinal, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points
  • Innovative foam prevents the growth of microorganisms, allergens and absorption of dust particles