Made from an innovative thermoforming foam with a shape ”memory” effect. This allows the pillow to memorise a shape of the head and as a result lower the pressure on the body keeping proper blood circulation.

MFP-5030 orthopedic pillow is used to prevent and ease the disorders and to mitigate or compensate the effects of cervical spine injury by ensuring its proper alignment during sleep.

Highly recommended in the case of:

  • spine pain
  • shoulder pain
  • hand numbness
  • snoring
  • insomnia
  • nervous tensions


  • Relieves spinal, neck and shoulder pain by reducing pressure points
  • Guarantees correct positioning of the cervical spine during sleep through the proper support of the head, neck and shoulders
  • Prevents morning stiffening ”numbness” of hands
  • Perfectly adapts to the anatomical shape of the body
  • Prevents the growth of microorganisms, allergens and absorption of dust particles

Pillow has a super soft, innovative micro-fiber pillowslip (zippered) which allows washing
of the pillow at the same time preserving its aesthetic appearance.