Pedal exerciser comes with anti-slip caps which make it possible to set it up anywhere with no need for additional racks. It is equipped with very simple and smooth resistance adjustment which works thanks to bolt mechanism. It is an ideal rehabilitation device for people with upper and lower limbs disabilities.

AR-018 Rehabilitation pedal exerciser is a manual device designed for rehabilitation. Recommended for strengthening of upper and lower limbs, especially in the case of paresis caused by stroke, accident and other various neurological disorders. The use of pedal exerciser helps to build up muscle strength, improve blood circulation in the limbs, stimulate the nervous system and improve joint mobility. Highly recommended for exercises in the case of paralysis of the peripheral nerves of the lower limbs.

Use ensures:

  • efficiency improvement of cardio-respiratory system
  • blood circulation improvement in the limbs (arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation)
  • prevents muscular atrophy
  • prevents arterial and venous blood clots
  • prevents contractures in the joints of the limbs
  • exercises of the lower limbs can be performed while seated on a wheelchair or any other chair
  • exercises of the upper limbs can be performed after setting the pedal exerciser on the table

Technical specification:

  • Frame: steel powder coated
  • Pedals: Nylon
  • Anti-slip pads ABS
  • Pedalling resistance: smooth adjustment
  • Dimensions: 49x41x30cm
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Maximum total load: 70kg
  • Commercial package: 1pc
  • Collective carton box: 8pcs