The ARband resistance band is ideal for rehabilitation. The tape is used for resistance training aimed at improving the muscle strength of specific muscle groups weakened by post-traumatic immobilization, after surgery, and in the case of neurological diseases. It is used in the treatment of instability of the spine and joints, as well as in posture correction exercises. It is used as an effective form of rehabilitation for various types of injuries in order to accelerate recovery and return to full fitness. Its main task is:

  • increases the range of joint mobility
  • muscle growth and strength
  • mobility and increased flexibility
  • improves endurance and physical fitness
  • posture correction


BLISTER: 15cm x 2mb (PE Bag with glue + blister with hole on hook)

ROLL: 15cm x 45,5mb (color box with hole for easy ejecting)



EB-M30 / EB-30R – 3,6kg – 5,4kg – LIGHT – RED COLOR

EB-M35 / EB-35R – 4,5kg – 6,8kg – MEDIUM – GREEN COLOR

EB-M30 / EB-30R – 5,4kg – 7,7kg – HEAVY – BLUE COLOR

EB-M30  /EB-30R – 6,8kg – 9,1kg – EXTRA HEAVY – PURPLE COLOR