Made from an innovative and patented neoprene CoolMax AIRPRENE technology.

  • Provides high stability
  • Helps maintain proper body temperature causing an increase in blood circulation which, as a result, improves healing and relieves pain
  • Highly recommended for overload and stiffness of the wrist and as a precautionary measure to prevent injuries

By using the flexible tightening VELCRO tape, the stabiliser acts as a double protection of the overloaded joint. A fastening system and applied materials guarantee full comfort of use.

Special® stabilisers are made of breathable neoprene with CoolMax AIRPRENE US patented technology which ensures high wearing comfort thanks to moisture removing system and ventilation of the skin.

The unique, multi-layered neoprene structure with microholes gives a cooling sensation at the adherence side, therefore preventing the skin from overheating and excessive amount of moisture production. The inner fabric does not cause skin irritation or abrasions, it is pleasant to the touch ensuring comfort of use.