Made from an innovative thermo-forming foam with “shape memory”. Thanks to this it adapts perfectly to anatomical body shapes providing excellent support depending on the place of its application. It has versatile application. Provides support for the neck reducing pain caused by improper positioning the spine while lying on your back. It is also an excellent support of the spine using as a lumbar pillow.

It can also be used between the knees helping to ensure correct anatomical hip positioning and pelvis during lying on the side, eg in the process of rehabilitation after surgery. When used under the knee reduces tension in the knee joints by slightly elevating and relieving them. It is their perfect support thanks why it reduces pain caused by the unpleasant pressure they exert on themselves.

Especially recommended in case problems with:

  • back, shoulders, neck, knee and hip pain
  • handshaking
  • snoring
  • insomnia
  • nervous tension
  • “Heavy” legs


Super soft, innovative velor cover it has a slider, thanks to this there is a possibility washing, thereby for a long time the pillow maintains aesthetic appearance. Pillow with a rubber band fixing the cushion on the backrest.