Made from an innovative thermo-forming foam with “shape memory”. Thanks to this it adapts perfectly to anatomical body shapes. It supports proper spine positioning for people who spend a lot of time in the position sitting in a wheelchair, for example, a hard chair. It is intended for people sensitive to pressure, e.g. people after injuries hip joint, in the process of healing sensing discomfort while sitting on a hard surface. Additionally can be used as a support for knees and legs, giving the effect of relaxation of “tired” legs. Appropriate profiling of the cushion guarantees its perfect adhesion to the body, giving a feeling of great comfort.

Ultra-breathable Mesh cover provides proper air circulation without causing excessive body heat.

The bottom is made of a special anti-slip material to prevent the cushion from moving.



  • thanks to the ergonomic profiling, it provides relief spine and coccyx
  • reduces the effect of tweaking by increasing the flow blood in lower limbs
  • helps relieve spine pain caused by prolonged for example sitting in a wheelchair or chair
  • corrects incorrect posture when sitting
  • thanks to the thermo-forming foam it fits perfectly for anatomical body shapes

Especially recommended in order to:

  • reducing the pain of the cross and the effect of tensing
  • increase the flow of blood in the lower limbs
  • relief of the spine and coccyx
  • maintaining the correct posture in a sitting position
  • providing relief for the spine, hips and buttocks during prolonged sitting