The Walker Pro foot and shin orthosis provides protection and stabilization in the case of soft tissue injuries around the ankle, 2 and 3 degree sprains, bone fractures, and healing of stable fractures around the ankle and instep. It is also used when straining or tearing the Achilles tendon and to ensure post-operative stabilization.

It is an excellent alternative to traditional gypsum immobilization, significantly improving the comfort of use. Thanks to the integrated pump, it guarantees adjustment of the compression to the patient’s condition, reducing the possibility of hematomas and edema.

It guarantees the possibility of regular visual assessment of the injury and keeping the limb in a good hygienic condition. Thanks to the ultra lightweight design Walker Pro does not burden the limb, and the soft pneumatic lining used guarantees high comfort of use.

Product information :

  • Equipped with a perimeter belt system to individually adjust the stabilization force.
  • Pneumatic lining made of a delicate material to prevent abrasions
  • Sole equipped with an energy-absorbing “heel” airbag to reduce shocks and greater comfort of use
  • Panels with cut holes guaranteeing proper air circulation
  • A detachable front panel that increases the comfort of putting on and using
  • Profiled, comfortable side edges to reduce pressure on the calf
  • Specially designed sole shape (contoured, low and wide) supporting in a natural and stable gait
  • Pneumatic lining equipped with an integrated pump
  • Panel construction, made of ultra-light plastic
  •  Individually adjustable finger guard
  • Universal model for right and left leg
  • Anti-slip sole
  • Available low and high version
  • Weight: up to 800g