It is used as an overlay to a typical mattress on the patient’s bed, and afterwards it is covered with a sheet. Chambers (tubes) of the mattress are alternately filled by a special pump.

Thanks to this alternating operation (mattress + pump) the individual areas of the patient’s body are not in a continuous contact with the ground for longer than a few minutes. The air pressure in the mattress is adjusted (increased or decreased) depending on the weight of the patient.

  • Low noise is a great advantage of ARmedical pump. Regardless of the load, the pump runs silently.
  • An additional advantage of this system (pump + mattress) is failure-free functioning. Recommended for bedridden patients to prevent bed sores and to treat existing ones.

Pump specifications:

  • type: pressure-swing
  • smooth pressure adjustment
  • working pressure: from 40 to 100mmHg
  • full cycle time:6 minutes
  • special hooks used for hanging on the bed

Cover specificatons:

  • material: nylon + PVC (with extra COVER fixing)
  • chambers: 20
  • dimensions when inflated: 200cm x 86cm x 10cm
  • Mounting: on an existing mattress (2 overlaps)

Maximum load: 140kg