The anti-bedsore cushion is intended for people with a risk of developing bedsores, especially for people who stay long in a sitting position, e.g. in a wheelchair. It is used for the purpose of relieving parts of the body that are constantly under pressure during long-term sitting of a person with limited mobility and, as a result of which, bedsores develop. In particular, it is used to relieve the cadual bone, pelvis and buttocks. At the same time, the cushion reduces the pressure on the perineum, preventing from pain while seating, provides more air supply and body ventilation.

  • Significantly reduces the risk of developing bedsores
  • Helps maintain proper blood circulation
  • Ensures adequate air circulation
  • Improves seating comfort

The special multi-chamber construction and the possibility of changing the hardness by inflating or deflating the air guarantees high comfort of use. It is made of high-quality, pressure-resistant material Appropriate application of the sealing technology prevents it from becoming unsealed. Retractable valve prevents accidental deflation of air from the cushion during use. The cushion is equipped with a breathable cover with a zipper, made of mesh material, with an anti-slip bottom. Comfortable handle allows easy portability. Moreover, it is equipped with velcro strips for its additional attachment to e.g. a wheelchair.