It is designed for people with risk the emergence of bedsores, especially people staying long in a sitting position, e.g. on wheelchair. It applies to the purpose to relieve body parts that during long-term sitting of a restricted person mobility is exposed to constant oppression, and as a result, the formation of bedsore. In particular, it serves to relieve the bones caudal, pelvis and buttocks. Pillow at the same time reduces pressure on the perineum, Saving pain while sitting, ensures greater air supply, body ventilation. The unique shape and the possibility of change hardness by inflating or dropping the air guarantees high comfort of use. It is made of high quality of washable anti-allergic nylon medical abrasion resistant and emphasis. Thanks to the appropriate application welding technology pillow no unsealed. The retractable valve prevents accidental release of air from the cushion during use.

  • reduces the risk of developing a sore
  • helps to maintain normal blood circulation
  • ensures proper air circulation
  • improves sitting comfort
  • maximum load: 120 kg
  • Hidden valve : In order to avoid discomfort as well accidental release of air.
  • Washable medical nylon : Resistant to wear, resistant to dirt and anti-allergic.
  • Air chambers with designed cavities : Solid support, stable and a comfortable seating surface.
  • Sealing technology thermal seal with the ironing process : A high degree of leakage, which it does not let air through.
  • Big ease pumping : Docked pump in set – for free.